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BionicPan P1200WCI

BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
BionicPan P1200WCI
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: P1200WCI
  • Weight: 8.00Kg
  • Dimensions: 460.00mm x 340.00mm x 85.00mm


BionicPan P1200WCI is an evolution of our P1200WC that removes trying for several years.


The same recipe of success repeats that his predecessor, but it  adds to it the power and COB's reliability CREE.

We preserve COB 200W Full Spectrum, which with his spectrum and the power still makes it the most effective of the market, and replace COB Warm White by COB CREE, acclaimed by numerous cultivators for his balanced spectrum and his high luminous performance.

Totally drafty and with his proper integrated supply, BionicPan P1200WCI is a system and complete of lighting autonomous, and perfectly adapted to all the phases of growth or flowering of his plants.


For his COB Full Spectrum, the BionicPan uses the technology COB (Chip On Board), that concentrates in a plate of aluminium a great number of LED 3W. This technology allows to obtain a trustworthier, more powerful and more homogeneous light source. The COBs allow to refine the spectrum of very precise form selecting the wave length of every unitary led of 3W. The mixture of color is realized to the source, contrary to LED's utilization 3W unitary you disperse on a panel.

For his WHITE COB, complete BionicPan a COB CREE CXB 3070, very powerful, sustainable and trustworthy. Also it consists with LED's counterfoil, arranged on a plate of ceramics. In spite of his top performance, his quality of high range, and his American origin, we chose to integrate a COB CREE in our new generation of a panel, without raising the price!

The spectrum of the COB CREE CXB 3070 has a peak in the blue ones that it corresponds very well to the vegetative phase, and a great part of the orange trees covers and red that is very well adapted to the phase of flowering.

Luminous spectrum


BionicPan's spectrum is composed by 7 wave lengths that cover the majority (96 %) of the band of absorption of the photosynthesis thanks to his COB 64x3W Multicolored, and of a Warm White 3500k, balanced on blue and red, that comes to complete the spectrum, to reinforce the luminous penetration and to give to the global spectrum a color to dominant white that allows to observe the green color of his plants.

The light emitted also takes in consideration optimizations for combination of wave lengths. The luminous obtained flow corresponds perfectly to all the phases of development of the plant (cuttings, growth, flowering)


- Warm White 3500k

- 440 nm (435-445 nm)

- 460 nm (455-465 nm)

- 470 nm (465-475 nm)

- 525 nm (520-530 nm)

- 640 nm (635-645 nm)

- 660 nm (655-665 nm)

- 730 nm (725-735 nm

Luminous improved penetration


The BionicPan use a "hybrid" spectrum obtained by association of 2 types of COB Alta Potencia.

- COB 200W with spectrum dedicated to the growth and to the flowering consisted of 7 wave lengths

- COB CREE CXB 3070 with white hot spectrum 3200k/3500k

This composition, possible only thanks to the technology LED, allows to accumulate several advantages:

- COB 7 wave lengths offers a very rich assimilable spectrum, and 100 % for the plant

- COB white heat, allows the contribution of lengths of complementary waves, but especially a strong increase of the luminous penetration


The conclusions of the observations and effected measures are:

- A global spectrum that turns out to be white to the eye, and that preserves then the green color of the plant.

- An increase of +30 % of the Photosynthetically active Sheen (Photosynthetically activates radiation / FOR / PAR)

- A luminous power 4X higher (lux)

- An increase of the luminous penetration of +20 cm

- An increase of the cobertura of +20 %





Coverage (ideal> max): 100x100 / 120x120 cm

Measured PAR to 40cm of the plants

Measure to the half day at the level of the sea with a very sunny time: 2000mol

Quantity of maximum PAR absorbed by the leaves: 650mol

Coverage Cuttings: 150x150 cm (height of installation 90cm)

Coverage in growth 150x120 cm (height of installation 55-60cm)

Coverage in flowering 120x100 cm (height of installation 35-45cm)


Power, consumption and coverage


Nominal power: 1200W

Emaciated power: 580-600W


Dimensions and technical characteristics


Voltage: 220V

Dimensions: 46x32x8.5 cm

I weigh: 12Kg

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