Bionicbar 18-3W-55-UV

Bionicbar 18-3W-55-UV



BionicBar 18-3W-55-UV consists of 18 leds of 3W.

9 X COB 380nm + 9 x COB 390nm

This lighting can be used at the end of the flowering to improve the production of resin.

The lengths of ultraviolet waves provoke a stress of the plant(floor) that pushes it to produce more resin to be protected.

BionicBar is completely it(he,she) suspends (bar + supply(food)) and is fed in 220V


The BionicBar 18-3W-55-UV uses LEDs of 3W of the brand Epiled (The unique Led's  supplier in proposing a very broad election of wave lengths)

18 types of LED 3W are installed in a body of aluminium that allows a thermal effective and passive dissipation.

The supply of the bar is independent, which allows to change it in case of breakdown, and to put it out of the culture

Power and consumption

Nominal power: 54w

Emaciated power: 33W

Dimensions and technical characteristics

Connection: plug

Voltage: 220V

Length: 55cm

Width: 3cm

Height: 3cm

Advices of utilization

BionicBar 18-3W-55-UV is specially adapted to ground floors and cultures in SCROG.

This bar is specially well adapted to use it in lateral complementary lighting (vertical or horizontal).

BionicBar will be very effective to enrich the spectrum of a HPS or of an Eco.

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