BionicSpot 7-3W-W

BionicSpot 7-3W-W



BionicSpot 7-3W-W is composed 7 leds of 3W 3500K (Warm White).

His spectrum enriched in red and blue it does a lighting adapted to all the types of plants, in cuttings and in growth.

It allows to support also floral plants in interior such as orchids.

The light of the BionicSpot 7-3W-W approaches the bulb HPS or ECHO, offering a luminous and very good penetration.

This white spot is also a very good complement of our BionicSpot 18-3W Full Spectrum.

It allows to improve the luminous global penetration, to complete his luminous spectrum adding new lengths of waves, and also of obtaining a dominant white light in order to observe the royal(real) colors of his plants.

With his tip E27, this bulb can adapt on the immense majority of the current lamps.



BionicSpot 7-3W-W uses LED 3W of the brand Epistar (THE LED's unique supplier that proposes a very wide choice of wave lengths)


7 types of LED 3W are installed in a body totally of aluminium that allows a thermal passive and effective dissipation.

The supply of the bulb places in the tip of white plastic.

The BionicSpot 7-3W-W is totally silent


Luminous spectrum

- Warm White 3500k


BionicSpot 7-3W-W spectrum covers the majority of the bands of absorption of the photosynthesis.



Power, consumption and coverage

Nominal power: 21W

Emaciated power: 10W

Coverage cutting: 50x50cm (height of installation 50cm)

Coverage in growth: 40x40cm (height of installation 40cm)

Coverage in flowering: 30x30cm (height of installation 30-35cm)

BionicSpot 7-3W-W can be used to cover bigger surfaces in use on classic plants  of interiors or that do not need a very important lighting.


Dimensions and technical characteristics.

Tip: E26/E27

Voltage: 220V

I weigh: 750g



Advice  of utilization

BionicSpot 7-3W is particularly adapted to short plants, to cultures  in SCROG

It can be used only to cover a small surface in growth or cuttings.

The luminous spots can be used as lateral complementary lighting to favor the development of the least exposed flowers.

BionicSpot 7-3W is adapted for the maintenance of a parent plant, or as complement of the spectrum of a HPS.

BionicSpot 7-3W-W this one advised as complement of the BionicSpot 18-3W Full Spectrum, allows to increase the luminous penetration and to complete the spectrum in growth or in flowering

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