BionicTime T164B

2-3 Days BionicTime T164B

Dual-Switch mechanical timer.

In LED light bulbs, depending on the mounting of the electrical circuit, the induced current is manifested by a low light persistence of the bulbs while the circuit is open.

This timer avoid this side effect by totally deconnecting the electrical equipment.


Special feature: Two-pole cut-off
For high inductive power equipments (Motor, HPS,...)
Avoid LED partial shutdown problem
Increase lifetime of equipments
Dual switch cut-off provides more security
Smallest switchable time unit: 15 min
Max. operating voltage: 230V~/50Hz
Max. operating current: 16(4)A
Max. inductive load: 900W
Max. resistive load: 3680W
Ambient temperature 0°C to +55°C
Only for operation in dry indoor rooms

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