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11 Nov Our Friends from Instagram
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Ce nouveau billet pour saluer nos amies d’Instagram !Chacune sa personnalité, chacune sa communauté...Leur point commun à toutes : des plantes d’intérieur et de l’éclairage BionicLED !@flaviepeartree ..
11 Mar BionicLED et les Urban Jungle Bloggers
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Ce petit billet pour vous annoncer que BionicLED est un heureux sympathisant au mouvement des “Urban Jungle Bloggers”.   Urban Jungle Bloggers   Mais de quoi s’agit-il ? Il s’agit d’un mouvemen..
02 Jul New Onyx 4000K Series range
naman 1 181
What's new?Introducing our new new range of horticultural lamps!The Onyx 4000K series, which reproduces the spectrum closest to that of sunlightIts light Full Spectrum light for all phases of photosyn..
10 Mar Concepts de base de l’éclairage horticole
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For tens of millions of years, plants have evolved to make the most of a single source of light: the sun.Although artificial light will never be a perfect substitute for the sun, we have nevertheless ..
09 Mar Photografic Summary 19/03
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Photographic summary which were posted this month this on the social networks for those who would not be connected or for those who would have missed them!     ..
23 Apr Mieux comprendre les BionicBar Onyx Samsung
naman 0 3778
Les nouvelles BionicBar Onyx sont devenues notre best seller dès leur sortie ! Sous une étagère, sous un meuble, dans une tente de culture, elles trouvent partout leur place.Etanches et silencieuses e..
02 Jul Discover the BionicBar Max!
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A highly innovative lamp!We're delighted to finally be able to unveil the BionicBar Max.A bar we've been working on for a long time, it incorporates some unique innovations for horticultural lighting...
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