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BionicPan P210WX

BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
BionicPan P210WX
  • Stock: In Stock
  • Model: P210WX
  • Weight: 1.20Kg
  • Dimensions: 13.00mm x 13.00mm x 15.00mm

The P210W series offers ultra-compact, modular products that are available in a variety of versions to suit a wide range of uses and all types of spaces and surfaces.

Users can customize their lighting by daisy-chaining the BionicPan P210W modules, and selecting the COBs and brands they prefer.

P210W modules are also designed to offer the maximum power of the COBs used.

Their enclosure is optimized for excellent airflow, and incorporates an ultra-quiet fan and aluminum heat sink to achieve the highest performance on the market without sacrificing quiet operation.

The P210WX is equipped with the very popular COB CREE CXB3070 in 3500k, suitable for all phases of plant development(Growth and Flowering), supported by a reflector Angelina XW of the Finnish brand LEDIL

Finally, the P210W series has the same power as the P200WCI but is more compact than the P120WS, without changing our super aggressive price!

Ultra Compact

The P210W is only 12x12x13.5 cm and weighs only 1100 g.

It fits in one hand and will adapt from the smallest to the largest surface by chaining them together.

Ultra Quiet

The P210W are almost inaudible thanks to their fan reduced to 2200 rpm.

The silence is preserved but the active ventilation allows us to increase the efficiency of the COB.

Ultra Powerful

Despite its light weight and mini size, the P210W gives off as much power per COB as the biggest panels!

Ultra affordable

Available at a price of 159 euros TTC, the BionicPan P210WX offers the best power/price ratio of the market while integrating high-end components from CREE and LEDIL, and chain features, in a custom box.

Ultra simple to install

A power outlet, a suspension cable. That's all the P210W needs to be installed.

Its built-in socket allows you to connect another P210W, another panel, or any other type of powered accessory (fan, LED bar, etc.)

The switch on the back of the panel allows you to turn off the BionicPan P210W and all connected devices.


P210W features Angelina XW reflector from Finnish LEDIL brand specialized in LED optics and accessories.

The Angelina XW model offers an eXtra Wide beam angle and a professional level of reflectance.

More information about this component on the LEDIL website

P210WX model is equipped with CXB3070 COB in 3500k from American brand CREE, which has been proven in many products for a long time.

More info on this component on the CREE website

Its success is due to its reliability, its durability and its versatile spectrum which is well suited to all types of growing or flowering plants.


Blanket in Bloom : 60x60 cm

Growing blanket : 90x90 cm

Other information

Actual power consumption: 85W

Temperature of the box in operation: 40-50 Degrees Celsius

Cautionary notes

Max. temperature of the growing area: 40 Degrees Celsius

Max. humidity of the growing room: 90 %.

Optimum temperature of the growing room: 20-30 degrees Celsius

Optimum humidity of the grow room: 40-80%.

Use the P210W in a ventilated area.

Do not cover or obstruct the P210W's air vents.

In order to prolong the life of the product, it is recommended that you stir the air around the lamp and follow the above points.