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The BionicSpot 7-3W-IR is a complementary spotlight with 7x3w leds. With its infrared wavelength this spot is particularly adapted to trigger the blooming of your plants.. This spotlight can also be used to optimize your actual light system. With is E27 base, this spotlight can be..
The BionicSpot Onyx UV based on Samsung 380 nm LED.This lighting can be used at the end of flowering to improve the production of resin.By Indeed the ultraviolet wavelengths cause a stress of the plant which pushes plant to produce more trichomes to protect itself.UV light can also be used on al..
COB Cree CXB3070 3500KModele: CXB3070-0000-000NOHBB35GMarque: CreeSerie: CXBCCT: 3500KCRI: 80Courant Max:2800mACourant Type:1900mAVoltage Type: 36V..
Reflector for COBModel: LEDIL F13838_ANGELINA-XWAngle: 91 degresEfficiency: 94 per centDiameter: 82 mm diameterHeight: 31 mm in heightColor: black and whiteCompatible with:- LEDIL 14036 adapter for CREE CXA / B 3070 and CITIZEN CLU04H-40 / 85- LEDIL 16140 adapter for Bridgelux Vero29..
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