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The BionicPan WL series is an economical, simple and efficient LED panel.It is based on the proven WCI models that have been in use for many years.However, the rear panel has been upgraded to the same version as the new WX, to take advantage of the new air vents and quieter 9.2cm fans.On the COB sid..
549.00€ 499.00€
The BionicPan WX series is the most advanced to date.The Full Spectrum COB (purple) has been upgraded to a Luminus horticultural model, the panel design has been redesigned to optimize light coverage, and the ventilation is even more efficient and quiet.XTRA WIDE ANGLEThe unique housing of BionicPan..
659.00€ 599.00€
The P210W series offers ultra-compact, modular products that are available in a variety of versions to suit a wide range of uses and all types of spaces and surfaces.Users can customize their lighting by daisy-chaining the BionicPan P210W modules, and selecting the COBs and brands they prefer.P210W ..
159.00€ 139.00€
The BionicPan WX series is the most advanced to date.The P250WX retains a Cree CXB 3590 COB, but the COB power supply and housing venting have been revised.The driver used to power the CXB chip has a higher efficiency and the ventilation is more efficient and quiet.WX SERIES DESIGNThe unique housing..
199.00€ 179.00€
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